The race is on, 72% will increase the usage in public cloud by 2020.

The world of IT is changing faster than ever before and companies are competing more and more with the digital user experience. This sets a new scene for IT who needs to transform in order to support the speed of innovation, flexibility and faster time to market of new services that the business and market demands.

However, over time they are running into similar challenges as we have always had with technology: how to fit constant moving targets, rapid development, new technology and agile infrastructure into supporting the core elements of your business. Parallel they have to rebuild the competence structure and change their ways of working to be part of the race.

The guide to the next step in your cloud journey.

Therefore, we decided to do a survey to better understand where companies are on the “cloud adoption curve” and what challenges they have and how they are managing these challenges. This reports gives you a good understanding of what you should consider and focus on in order to take the next step in your cloud journey, by learning form others who have already taken the next step.

The survey was open in May and June 2017 and 204 persons answered 32 question. The survey targeted IT-professionals working at a company and they are primarily from Sweden and Norway.

We call this report “The next step cloud report” and we hope that you will get interesting ideas and know what to focus on in order to adopt the cloud to the fullest.

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Stockholm/Oslo/Amsterdam Sep 2017

Fredrik Ohlsén
CEO Basefarm